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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  July 25, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> this motivational speaker was invited to give a commencement speech sat san jose state. then he said police beat him up. >> so what happened? betty yu has the video. betty? >> reporter: well, this confrontation happened right here outside of a nightclub. this man says that san jose police officers called him ignorant and man handled him because he is black. now, he is demanding police accountability. >> no! no! >> reporter: the guy in the white shirt in this youtube video says what you are looking at left him badly bruised and traumatized. >> threw me to the ground and then picked me up to throw me
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back on the ground. and then, what is, you know, then pulled out a baton. >> reporter: 23-year-old nate howard spoke to me from his san diego home from skype. he had just given a speech from the san jose black graduation ceremony. nate says they celebrated at a nightclub and things got messy as officers cited his friends. nate is a motivational speaker who graduated from usc. he says he was simply standing up for himself when the cops forced his hands behind his back. >> the media, when we play at this idea. i'm going to speak south at the idea . >> reporter: he has filed a complaint with the city's independent police auditor. >> if any of the allegations
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are sustained, that means found to be true, any officers that get sustained allegations will be disciplined. >> reporter: nate says he doesn't have anything against san jose police. what he wants is san apology. and the san jose police department say they have been proactive since they learned of this this incident. they are doing outreach within the community, specifically at san jose state. live in downtown san jose, betty yu, kpix5. >> so he did some checking and turns out, this is not the first time that nate has accused police officers of excessive force. last year, he said he was man handled by the lapd. today, a professor is out of a job because of what he put in his bathroom. andria borba is at sf state. >> reporter: we are talking about 15 misdemeanor counts of invasion of privacy and the san
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francisco district attorney says that is just off one memory card. he thinks there may be more victims out there. >> i think it is sick. >> reporter: san francisco da george gaston sfpd says behind the buzzer and gate of this apartment, mark landis was not just mentoring his students, but was peeping on them in the bathroom. >> the camera was pointed toward the toilet. >> reporter: the camera along with digital memory card was tucked out of sight inside a kleenex stop. l -- landis's apartment had been a party spot for years. until one student noticed something that didn't add up. >> he found a red dot and he
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realized something was wrong. >> reporter: now landis has worked here since 2008. it was not just sf state students on the tape. the da says it was also usf students. he would like to talk to them about what happened. live in san francisco state, andria borba, kpix5. >> and tonight, a soccer coach at a summer camp in livermore is behind bars, jesse schlicker. police say he committed a lewd act on a 14-year-old this week. he was a speed and strength coach. well a beautiful night outside tonight. if you thought it was warm today, just wait. paul, we are just getting started right? >> we are. we are talking temperatures that climb significantly today. and today will be the coolest day of the next week. take a look at these numbers over my shoulder. these are 90s . 96 degrees. san jose, fremont, oakland, 85. san francisco, warmest day in a while. 75 degrees. this is where we should be.
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this column, our average high ins time of year. san francisco, 16 degrees above average tomorrow. high of 82. oakland, 18 degrees above average. and concord, you are going to hit triple digits. with two big ridges of high pressure building in. this heat wave is just getting started tomorrow. we will talk about how long it will last and where you can find relief in about ten minutes. >> thank you paul. well you won't be able to cool off at an east bay swimming spot. look at oakland's lake and you will see why you shouldn't go in the water. that is a toxic algae bloom. dadada lin shows us. >> reporter: this is why. this milky slimy water. park officials say this stuff can make people really, really sick. at best, they say this stuff can cause vomiting and
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diarrhea. at worse, they say nerves and liver damage. >> well, shadow cliffs is also closed because of high bacteria levels in the water. the family of a woman run over in a park is close to getting $15 million from the city of san francisco. christine svanmire was lying in the grass with her dog and baby. a parks department truck ran her over. the truck driver was arrested and is awaiting trial. the board of supervisors has to sign off. and we are learning more about what appears to be another plane crash. this time an algerian airliner. joe vasquez has late details. >> reporter: the pilot reported severe storms and then changed course and then vanished.
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air algeiri headed for algiers when it disappeared from the radar. all 116 aboard are believed to be dead. what happened? well it is still unclear. no indications of foul play. weather is a strong suspect. >> and there was discussion of poor weather in the area. >> reporter: this is the fourth major air disaster this year, there was malaysian airs flight 370. last week, the other malaysian flight shot down in ukraine, and yesterday, a taiwanese crashed during a storm killing 48 people. shocking as all this is, experts say clusters like this are extremely rare. your chances of dieing in a plane crash, one in 11 million. the odds of you dying in a car crash, 1 in 5,000. it is still the safest form of transportation. >> by far. thank you joe.
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more coffins arrived in the netherlands today with 40 more victims of the malaysian plane crash. pal bearers carried them into waiting hearses. an investigation underway tonight. who shelled a u.n. school in gaza killing at least 15 people? palestinians say it was an israeli tank. they are not taking responsibility saying it may have been hamas. one thing is clear, it was awful. >> reporter: there was only one question. how does this kind of war make sense? a child who looked to be in shock. two children brought in together. they looked bewildered. when they first saw seven-year- old unconscious. but then a good sign. she opened her eyes. >> the hospital was overwhelmed
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from everything we have seen. most of the casualties are children and women. >> reporter: tonight ended as so many now do in gaza, with one more question. they killed our son, she said. what do we do now? from a grandfather to his grandson, with one more last farewell. the israelis say hamas was firing from within the school. but the survivors we talked to at the hospital say it was peaceful. that they were gathering in the courtyard and then, the shells came in. barry peterson, cbs news, gaza. and here in the bay area, there was a memorial tonight in front of the crosses of lafayette peace memorials to honor those who lost their lives. tonight, the lone star state is taking more jobs from california. san francisco's charles scuab says it is going to add more johns in texas.
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they said they would move hundreds of jobs there. texas lured schwaw with millions in incentives. there is talk that two of the most popular real estate sites in the country are considering a merger. zillow is wanting to buy trulia. the combination would control 90% of the market. 70 animals were just rescued from what could only be described as a house of horror. these are the lucky ones. two dozen animals were so sick, they had to be put down. they were found at a home in monterrey county. it was filled with feces, urine, and thousands of cockroaches. >> this was a house that no pet or person should ever have had to live in. the conditions were horrible to endure. luckily, these animals are safe with us now. and we have every hope that they will be able to recover and live long happy lives with
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new adopters. >> in all, they found seven dogs, 63 cats inside that house. the da is now investigating. a group of guys stormed in armed with ak-47s and this woman saw it all. exclusive new details inside a wild bank heist. >> she was in labor, but this woman could not cross the street to the hospital because the president was in town. >> what do you think? should motorcyclists be allowed to split lane,,,,,,,,,,
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at air wick, our lavender and chamomile fragrance contains the natural essential oils of 40 lavender flowers that are gently infused into every precious bottle. lavender and chamomile fragrance. part of air wick's scented oils collection. robbery in stockton? tonight tony lopez has more of the exclusive interview with a n who saw it all. >> what happened in the wild bank robbery in stockton? >> they were going like this. with the pistol, you know, and i was in shock. right there and then.
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>> reporter: from the first shocking moment, jamie martinez had a hard time believing what she was seeing. >> the gunman went for the money. yelling and shouting. >> reporter: alerted by the bank security guard, police responded within minutes and that is when things got uglier. >> when they announced the police officers were there, they said we are going to take hostages. >> reporter: martinez said they only wanted women. taking the bank manager, a teller, and misty holt-singh, a wife and mother of three. >> when she was on the ground, she said don't hurt me. don't hurt me. my daughter is outside waiting. you know, she is in the car. and so, um ... >> what did they tell her? >> don't worry, don't worry. don't worry. >> we are taking fire. >> reporter: as we now know, there was plenty to worry about. >> um, i saw in her eyes, you know, that she was scared.
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and that this is going to be it. she didn't want to go. >> reporter: forced to go. and after two hostages jumped or were pushed out, misty remained inside. she along with two suspects was killed in the wild shoot out. >> that was the saddest part. seeing misty. because she was laying there, you know, thinking of her daughter. >> misty's 12-year-old daughter did see her mom taken away. that witness say it is girl called her dad and told him they took mom. sounds like something from a driver's test. who takes precedent? a woman about to give birth or the president of the united states? judging by this twitter photo from los angeles yesterday, this particular time it was the president. people say it is a pregnant woman in labor. she had to wait for the president's motorcade to pass before she could cross the street to get to the hospital.
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the president was in la for some fundraisers. here he took a break and dropped in on a deli. the secret service says it is looking to what happened outside the hospital. la police department says the woman department tell any officers that she was in labor. lane splitting looks dangerous. it is not illegal in california, but cate caugurian shows us tonight, the state just did something that has motorcycle riders revved up. >> reporter: gridlocked. if you are in a car, it looks like this. on a motorcycle, like this. >> it is dangerous for them. it is not fair for us. >> at the last minute, you try to make turns, they are right up on you. bam. >> they can come flying down doing 40 miles an hour. i'm doing zero. >> reporter: we wanted to test it out for ourselves. who could make it across the bridge faster. so my colleague rich has a go pro attached to his motorcycle and we are going in the live van. and of course, we lost. it took us twice as long to get
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over the bay bridge than it did for him on his motorcycle. so, motorcycle or car? >> definitely motorcycle. everyday, i will be on it. >> reporter: motorcyclists say lane splitting is not the problem, distracted drivers are. >> people in their cars today are really barely driving. they are eating. they are talking on the phone. motorcyclists are doing nothing but driving. to make it so we have to be right behind a vehicle all the time, i think it makes it more dangerous for us. we could possibly get rear ended. when people slam on their brakes, we may hit another person from the back. when we hit a person from the back, we are flying through the air. >> reporter: in san francisco, cate caugurian, kpix5. if you had one wish, what would you ask for? >> 13-year-old kid from san pablo had a humble request. he just wanted to do this. [ laughter ] yeah. austin james wanted to ride bart and toot the horn. an thanks to the make a wish
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foundation, he did. james has cerebral palsy and has difficulty dealing with crowds so bart made a special run just for him. his mom who adopted him as a baby says he lives for trains. >> boy, the look on his face. he is so happy. good for him. and good for bart for doing that. >> one of the best organizations out there. make a wish. >> absolute i have. absolutely. >> one of the best. we have a change in the weather coming. it is going to be very hot away from the water which is not uncommon for a day two. what will be uncommon is the duration of this heat wave. lit be a week or longer. current temperatures, i don't show you this at night. we cool off very quickly. we are not tonight. kind of the start of the heat wave will be a warm night tonight. livermore still 75 degrees outside. san jose, 70. oakland, 71. and we find the mid 60s for san bruno. some great video from ocean beach earlier today. i wanted to show you, that
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water was inviting and the ocean temperatures in the mid 60s . no up welling because of the south wind. so everybody is getting in the water and it is 75 at the beach tomorrow. so please get outside and enjoy warm in the air. and warm when you dip your toe ins the water. you won't jump right in and out. overnight tonight, mid 60s . oakland, fremont, vallejo, 63 or 64. a warm night. here we go. even richmond. you will hit 90 degrees tomorrow with sunshine. a couple of degrees cooler on saturday. but we are getting hot and staying hot. your definition of hot may be 80 in the city. your definition of hot may be 100 inland. you are going to get there, too. so the ridge has dropped anchor. it is a big ridge, a strong ridge, and it is not moving so the forecast tomorrow is for hot weather with very little ocean influence for the next several days. until this guy moves and i have not seen one model saying it is going to move an inch over the next seven to ten days. bridge stays, the heat is going
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to stay. so get used to somewhat uncomfortable weather. this will be a persistent heat wave. mild tonight. a little fog along the coast. we are sunny tomorrow, warmer everywhere. how hot? 101 in concord. 93 san jose. no records but lit be up there. union city, 90. triple digits for antioch and pleasanton and danville and 82 in san francisco tomorrow. 90s widespread in marin. here we go with the extended forecast calling for temperatures near or above 100 degrees. 80s near the bay through the weekend. we are going to be hot a while. >> the heat is on. all right paul, thanks. well, one little typo has gone viral. can you spot it? can you spot it? it is not even the worst part ,,
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sometimes come out with spots? well, those spots are actually leftover food or detergent residue. can we help prevent this? yes, use finish jet dry. it goes in your dishwasher's dispenser to help eliminate spots and residues. wow, what a difference! >> well, the third time wasn't the charm for one cal grad. >> he had already sent two of his mass communications diplomas back because one was wrinkled. the other one was stained. and then came this. yeah. we will zoom in so you can see it. that is not how you spell communications. the diploma had actually been hanging on the wall a few years. he never noticed it until he was moving and his wife caught the mistake. >> i heard this big laugh from the other room. and she actually noticed that there was this typo. >> all around the bay area tonight, stanford grads are laughing, too.
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he posted a photo of the mistake online. it has gone viral. he is going to ask cal for a new diploma as long as he can keep the famous one. >> not a spelling major, that one. i'm a horrible spell. >> i am too. >> we get so spoiled with spell check. you lose that muscle. >> well let's see if i can get the next four-and-a-half minutes. there are some happy little leaguers in pacifica. and a big as send off for a once upon a ,,,,,,,,,,
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it's the yoplait greek taste-off and we are asking the music city which 100-calorie strawberry greek yogurt is the next big thing. i'm a random lady with a table full of yogurt. want some greek yogurt? can i ask you a question? tell us what tastes best. this one is definitely the winner. that one is good. a is great. yoplait greek 100! that's the stuff right there. you want to see which one yoplait greek beat? chobani yes! yoplait greek wins again. take the taste-off for yourself! it is a beautiful day for yogurt. >> oh my gosh. you look around the bay area teams are in first place again. >> and from little league all the way to the big boys, too. all of this coming up. baseball up top. the as were pretty busy on and off the field. releasing its failed closer experiment. jim johnson. then they went out and lowered the boom. on the astros of the coliseum. josh donaldson got through in
2:05 am
the third. josh reddick scored on the errant throw. 4-1 oakland in the sixth. moss, high, deep, gone. his third grand slam of the season. 22,759 saw the as go up 8-1. they gave jeff samardzija 13 runs. as win 13-1. with the angels loss tonight are ahead in the west by three full games. giants looking for a four game sweep in philly. a run all the way in for the phillies. in the fifth, all right, the equalizer. bottom five after a fielding error. chase utley made them pay with an r.b.i. single. the phillies were up 2-1. that is all cole hamels needed.
2:06 am
struck out ten and the phillies avoided the sweep winning 2-1. the giants are just a game-and- a-half up on the idle dodgers to start the weekend series. not yet folks. not yet folks. congrats to the pacifica american little league. 11 and 12-year-olds tonight. winners of the district two regional in san jose. they won 17 to 15. onto the san bernardino regional for a chance. time now for the thursday top five. number 5. marshawn lynch did not report to camp. he wants a new contract. who doesn't? number 4, cleveland's ryan rayburn. watch the throw. oops. no way to avoid the top five. the teammates stunned. number 3, look closely where a camera is at the wrong place and time.
2:07 am
cal ball shatters it in kansas city where the royals pay for this. oh. number 2. ichiro belt one. but rangers leonys martin gets back in a hurry. the one handed catch over the shoulder. yeah. and at number 1, angels, cole calhoun. the leap. and wow. like liz cook did as a youngster in softball. >> that's right. >> we will be right ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it's friday eve. >> thank goodness. >> that means tomorrow, we are looking fortoward to the weekend. what will it look like?
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>> let's turn up the heat. tomorrow will be the hottest day. 104 in the hot spots inland. 75 at the beach. it will be a little cooler over the weekend, but just a little bit. we are staying hot the next seven days. get ready to sweat. >> smoking. >> david letterman is next. >> and our next newscast tomorrow morning at ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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